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Translations Of Hope

In a world where darkness

is constantly being showcased,

Hope is a tiny flicker often ignored,

rarely noticed and mostly shoved away.

We need to throw a powerful spotlight

on this wonderful dainty fairy

for with her flame,

she ignites and sows Faith

which teaches us

perseverance and endurance

all the time cultivating

the shooting stem of love

until the sun suddenly fights to shine

upon a flower blossoming and blooming

in the wildest, thickest, coldest winter.

-Grand beginnings from disastrous endings

About the Book: There was no synopsis written about the anthology so I assume the compiler wanted the voices to speak for themselves instead.


About the Piece: Translations Of Hope in New Decade New Beginnings; Edited & Compiled by Akshay Sonthalia and Independently published by Poets Choice; 28 May 2022

Anthology Scribbles:  Translations Of Hope (TOH) is a social movement I started when I was inspired to help the community of Madpropslive, hosted by Jared Presser's Food & Thought programme, now referred to as We Together Love to help feed the homeless on a global scale. TOH was about translating our writing voices into langauges and bringing hope to others in the form of poetry and quotations. I had tried restarting it many times but ultimately, I decided to wait until I was more clear in my vision of what I wanted to do regarding this mental health social project. 

Note of Appreciation: This was a piece I submitted to Poets Choice via Submittable and I was very pleased to have my poem accepted here back in March 2020. It was my second Indian publication anthology.

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