Letter from the Author


My name is Reena Doss and I have loved writing and creating art ever since I could hold a pen. I did not take these gifts seriously because I always thought they were just a hobby, until a series of traumatic incidents occurred where I found myself unable to use my voice except through writing and art. Through the platform provided by the Instagram community in 2018, I found my own unique voice identification. But it was only early this year, through the kind encouragement from a friend that I started doing spoken word. My art pen name is Leonie Belle Hawk and I do a lot of my designing and digital paintings under this name. Currently, I reside in Bangalore, India, but I do love traveling to far-off places inside my head and outside my world. 

I draw inspiration from my loved ones, nature, experience, current events and anyone who makes me feel deeply. One of my biggest dreams has always been to become an author and help others achieve this dream along with me. I did not how it would take shape until I began to take one step every day towards this dream. A part of this vision was made possible when I inaugurated Ink Gladiators Press® on the 7th of Feb 2020. This year the second half of that vision began when I released Pearl On A Summer Leaf (Book 1 - The Evolution Series) on the 13th of July 2021 and I became an author for the very first time. The second book—Caterpillar On An Autumn Leaf will be released towards the end of next year. 


Writing and art are a form of therapy for me. In fact, it is my truest voice and when I don’t use them, I often suffer from writer’s—or should I say “creative’s block”? The best tip I can give anyone struggling from this is to write about the childhood wounds that hold you back, then about the failures and lastly about the hopes and dreams you wish to see happen. I found that this systematic structure or writing poetry forms really helps when you feel all over the place or when your mind feels burned out because your emotions have become numb. 

Being the CEO of my own publishing company @inkgladiatorspress as well as the newly founded communities on Instagram called @ourearthians and @igpcommunity has really expanded on my dream in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I had previously been in the Media Film and Publishing Industry for over 13+ years but I am so glad I chose to leave that world to follow my heart. It has not been an easy road but it has led me to exciting paths and I am delighted every time I see IGP flourish. I owe all of this to the Weaver Of the Celestial Sky who makes all things possible in His time. 

Thanking you sincerely,

Reena Doss