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Dear Readers,


Writing, Art and Creativity are a form of therapy for me. In fact, they are my truest voices and I was extraordinarily blessed to have discovered a wonderful community on Instagram who not only supported these voices but also drew out lost and new ones—for example: Calligraphy, Spoken Word, Reviewing, Lyrics, Appreciation, Epigrams, Perspectives, etc. They are the ones who are like me too—bleeding ink warriors of the heart, rain warriors of the mind and quill warriors of the body. They are elemental in nature, sing with my true spirit and inspire me in so many ways. They are so many in number that I call them “Roses, Wildflowers and Sunflowers”. I can’t name them all but I have entwined them everywhere in my books, posts, art, creativity, captions, comments, but especially at Ink Gladiators Press.


When I don’t use a voice I have been gifted with, I often suffer from “creator’s block” in that particular space. The best practice I learned and which I can give anyone struggling from this is to write or create about what holds you back, then about the failures and lastly about the hopes and dreams you wish to see happen. I have found that this systematic structure as well as writing poetry forms really helps when you feel all over the place or when your mind feels burned out because your emotions have become numb.

When you lose your voices and find them again, you learn their value. So that’s why I made the promise to myself to never stop doing what I have been called to do. Till my breath gives out, I will write and write, art and art, create and create. Not only is it for my soul's  overall health but also because I have been given the responsibility to share them with those who need them. For those who come across the flowers I grow, may you know you are never alone. 


May the quill of Hope find you in the dark!

Reena Doss


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