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Isn’t it strange how difficult it is to acknowledge how real an office romance can be and how it can affect the most hardened of hearts? For though it is studiously ignored, this most commonplace romance finds a way to just be––whether the ending is successful or not. After all, spending hours and hours working in proximity with people who share similar goals, passions and dreams together can easily develop into healthy or toxic relationships. Hate, Lust or Love are often the unintentional consequences of such entanglements.

In this humorous duo collaboration, "A FORBIDDEN LOVE", authors––Linda Lokhee and Reena Doss––explore the possibilities of an office romance. They unmask the cool surface of dormant feelings that have built up over time between a boss and his secretary. Behind those workaholic days and nights, the couple find it hard to ignore their carefully sealed fates. Will they make it through societal expectations as well as their own fears about the future?

How many of us have the courage to leave our comfort zone to fearlessly become the people we believe ourselves to be? Do we pretend that we are capable of big things yet find ourselves caught up in the smaller things in life’s mad race? Do we cling to “being too busy”, “schedules”, and a ton of other excuses based on our supposed priorities? Have we buried our gifts and talents in fear of not making enough to live if we were to use them? Have we carelessly forfeited our choices due to our inability to stand up for what we were born to do? Do we postpone our hearts’ dreams because they seem too overwhelming or do we give them a 110 percent shot at succeeding? Building idealistic goals with hardcore planning can be a deadly combination when you yourself believe in yourself and not in the voices of others.

In this duo collaboration, co-authors––Miriam Otto and Reena Doss––explore the joy of discovering and getting lost on the journey. They introduce you to a rather odd couple who are not quite suited for each other but somehow are able to relate to their beliefs and philosophies. Their dialogue teaches them to embrace new ideas, explore possibilities, and wonder about the hidden mysteries yet to be revealed. However, though it is easy to speak of adventure, will they dare take the plunge into the unknown?

Ever felt like no matter how much we love someone, and try our best to please them, we always seem inclined to mess or screw things up without meaning to? Quite often we forget that love is expressed in many ways and not in the way we ourselves express it. This leads to frequent misunderstanding, arguments, unnecessary pride and feelings of rejection. Love in any relationship––we learn through experience––is not an easy road to maintain unless we give it free reign to manifest itself on a daily basis.

In this collaboration, co-authors––Timi Jolaoso and Reena Doss––explore love’s true nature and how it is expressed within the dynamics of a relationship. The act of surrender, trust, and patience in the face of past experiences can be a daunting and terrifying place to put yourself through. For though the rewards can be incredibly high, the loss can cut deeper than a knife if love is found to be misplaced. However, if love is found first in the nectar of God’s grace, love in a relationship transforms into a supernatural gift where fear no longer plays a dominant role. Love gets refined and becomes purer in its ability to be more giving rather than self-serving. Find out what happens to this couple as they struggle to hold on to their independence, yet learn to die to themselves in order to seal a deeper love granted to them by Heaven’s open door––Love.

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