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Published Literary Works

Solo Books 

  1. The Evolution Series: Book 1 - Pearl On A Summer Leaf

  2. Swallowing The Moon ; Ballads from my heart

  3. The Story Of 8: 13 Reasons why I choose love (Coming soon)

  4. Letters from a Wildflower  (Coming soon)

Little Books 

  1. A Forbidden Love – A duo collaboration by Linda Lokhee and Reena Doss

  2. Travellers For Life – A duo collaboration by Miriam Otto and Reena Doss

  3. Love Is An Open Door – A duo collaboration by Timi Jolaoso and Reena Doss

Poetry Anthologies

  1. A Writer of the Heart – Ikigai: the reason for being

  2. Translations Of Hope - New Decade New Beginnings

  3. Obstacles Unraveling – Misplaced Devotion: Works about Love

  4. An Indian Sun Year and Sun Cycle Across Continents (Group Collaboration) – Sun Cycle: Celebrating the World’s Seasons

  5. Christmas; The Greatest Gift Of All, Easter; The Significance of The Cross and Pentecost; Anointing of the Holy Spirit – The Diary of Festivities

  6. The Power and Responsibility of Words – Broken Hearts: Healing Words

  7. The Elements and I - The Poetry Marathon Anthology (2019)

  8. Freedom In Hope’s Wings and Somedays (Group Collaboration) – Mind: A poetry anthology exploring mental health

Epigrams, Lyrics & Photography

  1. #1 Summer Seasonal – Capsized: The Pandemic Lockdown

  2. #2 Autumn Seasonal – The Fall And Rise Of Chimeras

  3. Volume 1 - Gray: We Hide Our Colors Within

  4. Magical Jar: An artistic and poetic collaboration with seven friends

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