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Book 1—Pearl On A Summer Leaf is a time capsule that documents snippets of Reena’s early life. Her evolving voice fluctuates from child to adult as it echoes through each stage of growth in an intimate journey that captures the full spectrum of human emotions and lessons learned along the way.

Digital Painting Cover, Illustrations & Design: @leoniebellehawk
Editor: @shrutiscapes

Ever tried Swallowing The Moon? It is not practically possible unless you understand the metaphor of the different voices that hide inside it. Reena Doss takes you on a journey into her inner world, spilling her heart to tell you stories about the Celestial Sky, the Earth and her seasons. It is a book that is full of Light that was born from Darkness. It is a collection of ballads, poetry, guides, letters, notes, essays and art. It is about the Ocean, the Rain, the Mountain, the flowers and the wild.It carries stories of warmth, growth and healing. It is an offering of deep love, a blooming in a far away garden and the awakening of a beautiful Rose in Spring.

“Come to me at any time with your hurting. Let us sit down and unravel them. Let me take your hand while you talk. Let me listen to the tales of your heart. Let me share what you carry in the Dark. Let me show you compassion in your sorrow. Let me have what you’re afraid to give. Let us dream again about the untarnished tomorrow. I promise you if it is right this time, you will be held for I will show you how good it can be to have kindness returned in full measure.”

-Extract from the last essay under III Arrival (Tales)—Swallowing The Moon

Digital Painting, Illustrations, Cover & Design: @leoniebellehawk

Editors: @shrutiscapes & Preethi Doss

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Possibilities Encapsulate Infinity

What are voices? When do they make an appearance? Whose wounds teach them how to cloak themselves? Why do they get lost? Where do we find them again? How do they grow in their expression? Who understands their languages? The Story of 8 is a deeper analysis into the stories of Reena Doss’ past, the origin of her voices, how she lost them on the way and when they found her again.

Digital Painting, Illustrations, Cover & Design: @leoniebellehawk
Editors: @shrutiscapes

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