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"I'll find you in the dark because I'm the girl

who loves to stay lost amongst the midnight stars,

caught up with moonbeams in a lantern

trying to find my way back home."

Graduating with a degree in Psychology, Sociology and English, Reena has also worked in the Film and Media industry over a period of nearly 10 years before she decided to pursue her heart dream of being an author. She is also a Manuscript Editor, Reviewer, Book Designer, Consultant, Mental Health Advocate, Cover Artist, Creative Director and Publisher at Ink Gladiators Press where she publishes theme based work in anthologies under the names—Our Earthians Community Group (for creatives all over the world) and Translations Of Hope (for mental health awareness). Additionally, she is currently in the process of creating self-publishing workshops, courses and curating freelancing services to recommend at IGP Ship. Overall, her new and found voices are a reflection of her personality, life story and unwavering faith. 

A fierce warrior of Light, spreading Hope to others from the scars in her moon heart, Leonie Belle Hawk is a name Reena uses because art has saved her more times than she can count. The Weaver gifted it to her when she needed to battle the dark. The name is a combination of three names, each with their own special importance. Léonie means "God is my Light” but its literal meaning is “lioness”. It is also the name of one of her favorite heroines in These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer. Belle represents her favorite fairytale character as she is a bit of an oddity, loves with all her heart and is also quite mad about libraries. Moreover, the name pays tribute to her French roots and literally means “beautiful” as art will always be. The Hawk is one of her favorite birds because it signifies a spiritual protection in its freedom to just be. It is also reminiscent of the first romantic movie that captured her imagination, Ladyhawke. 


As Leonie Belle Hawk, she showcases her artistic talents at His Wild (which features her digital paintings), uses her book designing skills at A Hand To Hold (an initiative to help self-publishing authors) and shares her passion for children's literature at The Pickleton Universe (where she is going to be releasing her kid lit books in the future).


Reena Doss considers writing to be her first voice of expression, followed closely by art and creativity. Through the encouraging platform provided by the Instagram community, she reclaimed her lost voices, evolved a few others and discovered new ones along the way. This has redeemed her trust that consistent Hope, Faith and Love in what is true ignites what is impossible to occur. Her adoration for her beloved Weaver, the Celestial Sky, Nature and her fellow Earthians has given her immeasurable courage to endure every season with a resilience born from battles overcome.

Born in Calcutta with roots drawn from Chennai and Pondicherry, Reena Doss has lived most of her life in the south of India—Bangalore. Though she prefers traveling to far-off places inside her head, she sometimes ventures into the world that others call real. 


You can try and catch her but it may not always be possible as she is generally off on adventures flying on phoenix wings, swimming into the deep with mermaids and chasing fiery dragons down for stories.

"To those who remain true to themselves, to those who create magic wherever they go and for those who sit beside the hurt

when everyone else leaves Art will always immortalize you."





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