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The Power and Responsibility of Words


About the Book: Life is filled with seasons: seasons of laughter, seasons of growth, and [even] seasons of grief. It is in these seasons our souls turn inward. We seek solace, we seek freedom - and we hide. We hide from ourselves, we hide from others, we hide without even realizing we are hiding. The words in this anthology were written by souls who understand the need of companionship in those darkened days of hiding. They are dedicated to those who have loved and lost, and those who are hiding and healing. Broken Hearts : Healing Words, was born in a large part out of a writing competition held by A.B.Baird Publishing.


About the Piece: The Power and Responsibility of Words in Broken Hearts—Healing Words was Edited & Compiled by Austie M Baird and published by A.B.Baird Publishing; December 8, 2019

These broken hearts
are like exploding cannonballs
tick-tocking to a halt, caught in slow motion
across the horizontal layers of time,
carrying acres of pain over the years
inflicting ruin and starting arson flames
in other hearts that were once whole.
These broken hearts are heavy
abundant in reckless love, hidden in fear
but hungrily greedy for the gentle touch
of spring’s breeze as they bear alone
the harsh winds of winter,
bracing themselves for endless cold,
buried to the top in ice and snow
waiting for the sun to thaw and warm
their dry and weary bones.
These broken hearts
need compassionate words to restore
their broken, darkened minds
in hearts that have become too fragile
from constant evil whispers in their soul
telling them they are too damaged
to ever return to have a different destiny.

These broken hearts search the world
for kind words to salve their wounds,
to break their chains from imprisonment,
to build anew their cities with life once more
and for someone to call their own.
These broken hearts need healing words
to remember that through their scars
they have transformed into a lighthouse
to save other shattered and defeated hearts
lying forgotten in storm-tossed wreckages.
These broken hearts need healing words
to redeem themselves for they are
and have always been
divinely worthy.

Anthology Scribbles: This was one of my favorite anthologies that I was proud to be a part of. The poets and writers here were extraordinary and cut straight to the heart. I was exceptionally glad to have found a beautiful home here for this particular piece because they are incredibly selective in their comilation and I love their choice of aesthetic covers. Not only that, they keep every co-author up-to-date at every stage. I certainly recommend A.B.Baird Publishing House to anyone who wants their work in classic memorable anthologies.

Note of Appreciation: I loved the professional formatting, the choice of poems and the total look of this anthology which made me very glad to have submitted my poem to this wonderful anthology. Not only is Austie M Baird a phenomenally meticulous and conscientious Editor, she is an extraordinary poet herself.

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