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The Pill Of Happiness


About the Book: Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen."Every poem we read has the power to bring about an emotional response in us. Every word of written poetry is an expression of a feeling that could not have been expressed better in any other way. Just like its ability to move us, a poem can bring an instant sense of happiness to your heart.Paper Paints and Poetry brings to you a collection of 31 poems to brighten up 31 days of your month. We prescribe a poem a day to start your morning with positive vibes and make the goodness last all day long. 32 inspiring poets from across the world have come together, to bring a touch of magic to your every day. All the poems in this prescription come with an illustration that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.So are you ready for your daily dose of goodness? 


About the Piece: The Pill Of Happiness published in Poetry Pills: A Prescription for goodness was Edited and Compiled by Janani and Anupama at Paper Paints and Poetry, published by Notion Press; 2nd edition, 1 December 2020

When you stop chasing it,

happiness is a flighty butterfly

that will kiss you delicately

as you gape in open-mouthed wonder,

at her exquisite, colourful beauty,

close-up on the bridge of your nose,

realising she can’t stay forever

but nevertheless, enjoying her charming presence

when she does stop awhile to shower you

with rewards unimaginable.


Don’t swat her away,

allow the moment to lift you up

with the knowledge that she chose you,

a rare and unmistakeable honour

to cherish and envelop you

in her bountiful, graceful ecstasy

of ravishing beauty.

Anthology Scribbles:  This was a piece I'd written at the beginning of my journey on Instagram. I reworked it for this anthology as I loved the idea of creating pills of poetry to help us on bad days.

Note of Appreciation: I was glad to have the amazing opportunity to submit this piece to Janani 
@pennyformythoughts__ and Anupama @allyouneedisalilbitofsugar as this was a unique kind of anthology with art sketches done by Janani herself.

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