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About the Book: The Poetry Marathon is a yearly event where poets write 12 poems in 12 hours, or 24 poems in 24 hours. The authors of these poems live all over the world. This anthology includes poets who are being published for the very first time, as well as poets who have widely published in books, literary journals, and anthologies.


About the Piece: The Elements and I; My Writer’s base tools of truth (Hour 1) published in The 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology, Edited and Compiled by Jennifer Faylor, Independently published by The Poetry Marathon (15 November 2019). I will be posting the full published piece directly on my website. 

The   Elements   And   I


Solidifying the ground beneath your feet,

helping you stand upon the foundation

of unbridled, dazzling creation

that you leave behind in shreds

to unreasonable destruction and ruin...

But I still have the ability to build and refashion

life in all its aching, fundamental beauty.



Breathing hope into dry bones,

so brittle and edgy from stone cold isolation,

forgotten and hidden from sight;

until I help you inhale and exhale,

teaching you how to let go of fear,

urging you to take on new challenges

with grace and racing speed.



Coursing through your veins

like a golden phoenix rising from the ashes,

destined to smoulder and set aflame

like wildfire running through the mountains and trees,

catching you in its wake

of bright light and turbulence

so you can finally hear

my scream, my voice.



Flooding your dreams with rich imagination,

adapting to changes with the ease of the waves,

tossing them over stormy waters

constantly shifting with its currents,

then turning calm and silent

in thoughtful reverie and meditation,

watching in indulgence as ships sail.



Generating space all around you

to wallow in the unknown rather than in self-pity

and to discover novel perspectives in old tales,

while you cherish the quintessence of alone time

discerning the difference in unexplored worlds,

between crowds and the things that matter.


But most of all, I know

I AM A WRITER of the human heart

born to shake your existence

with shocking twists and truths

bluntly retold with the nib of my pen.

-My Writer’s base tools of truth

Anthology Scribbles: Apart from the Instagram Community being my support when I first joined in September 2018, the 24 hour Poetry Marathon I attended was when I first realized I could have my dream—be a published author. This was my first submission for an anthology but it was not my first publication. 

Note of Appreciation: It was almost towards the end of June 2019 when I attended my first 24 Hour Poetry Marathon. Let me tell you that it is quite an extraordinary test of your mental strength and to know you can channel everything that tries to take you away from yourself into a better version. I attended two more annual poetry marathons soon after (in 2020 and 2021) and this piece “The Elements and I: My Writer’s Base Tools of Truth” published in this anthology in 2019 inspired me to continue on a more serious path towards writing, creating and publishing. I am grateful to the husband and wife team duo--Jacob and Caitlin Jans for starting this global challenge for poets and I hope they continue to do this. 

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