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About the Book: Misplaced Devotion: Works About Love is the second anthology from indie publisher Ambient Heights. This anthology was created to represent the good, bad, and ugly of love of friend, foe, lover, family, lover, country, culture, religion, and more. The co-authors of this anthology have created a collection of works that represent love in a multitude of ways.This anthology contains over 400 pages of poetry, prose, flash fiction, and short stories contributed by over 100 authors from a global scale. The Ambient Heights community will be donating all profits from this book to the incredible mission of To Write Love On Her Arms.


About the Piece: Obstacles Unravelling in Misplaced Devotion: Works About Love; Edited, Compiled and Independently published by Ambient Heights; October 31, 2019

Obstacles   Unravelling

In the eye of the storm,
I have always looked up at the star-studded sky
taken strength from the knowledge
that I was not forgotten as I stood at the foot
of the seemingly insurmountable mountain before me;
looming like a dark impossible mission,
mocking my inability to accomplish
climbing it to the very top,
laughing at my absurd beginning
as I stumbled over its rocks, bruising my knees,
discarding my shoes to massage blistered feet.
Arms scraped and bleeding, fingertips red,
hair wildly tangled with the wind’s ruthless temper
reaching mid-way, and pausing,
wondering if I should give up
and head back down
for the night was pitch black
and the summit much too difficult
to keep going forward.
But the silver stars twinkled bright,
shining its light onto paths
I hadn’t noticed before.
And having rested, I resolved to try again
battling the fierce wind, cold weather,
aching bones and burdens of grief.
Till I at last, reached the top of the mountain
and laid myself flat upon its soft, cool grass,
gazing in wonder at the heavens
and in gratitude at the stars
for giving me the unbelievable strength
to overcome the impossible
by defeating the giant obstacle before me
with perseverance, patience and fortitude.
-When the stars descend upon the mountain tops

Anthology Scribbles:  I had done so much self-studying about publishing, writing and art during 2018 but I did not know the way at this time. When I decided to join instagram that year, it was that first step in the direction to finally be me. When I took that path, the rest began to unveil itself. There is a deeper mystery in this truth but God always fills our souls when we learn the ways he prepares us in order to align ourselves with the goodness of what he wishes to give us. When we let God fight for us, He stands before, behind and around us and He also sends an army to protect what the enemy wishes to conquer. Often, this is how He defeats the plans of darkness by transforming even others’ paths along with yours.

Note of Appreciation: Obstacles Unravelling was written at the end of June 2019. I was staring at the book cover of my friend’s Abbey Forrest @dmaryaauthor @abbeyforrestauthor’s fifth book “At The Foot Of The Mountain: Stirred Moments V” that I had won over a contest along with three of her other books. She had sent then to me while I was in Pittsburgh earlier that year and though I hadn’t read them yet, their presence in my hands acted as my challenging reminder to keep pushing forward with my dreams in order to be the author I wanted to be. The cover of her book and title gave me the courage to feel that fight in me begin and thus, this piece was inspired. I later submitted it to Ambients Heights Publishing @ambientheightspublishing when they had open submissions for Misplaced Devotion: Works About Love. I chose to let my piece find its home in this anthology because I found my true voice—Writing—only when it was so badly battered it could no longer speak about its stories except through this medium. 

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