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About the Book: Mental Illness affects so many of us, and many of us have suffered in silence for too long. It is time to open up and start talking about our suffering, so we may seek help. Poetry has long been a way of giving life to our emotions and opening up about our pain. This book brings poetry and mental health awareness together, in a way that is relatable, but also hopeful and insightful. Over 100 talented poets from the Instagram poetry community came together for this project, to help raise awareness around mental health and to raise money for MIND charity. 100% of profits from the sales of this book go to MIND Charity. This book was compiled and edited by Poet Spotlight.


About the Piece: Freedom in Hope’s Wings in Mind: A poetry anthology exploring mental health, Edited, Compiled & Independently published by Poet Spotlight; 16th March 2020

Freedom in Hope’s Wings

I lay down in darkness again, burrowed head in pillows, soft blankets cause shivers when wicked nightmares imprison as they enter my dark purging realms, whispering lies of my unworthiness, awaiting my demise of forgotten deeds. 


I remain in abject misery, hopelessly a captive. Grateful I’m supposed to be, yet here I am sleepless, discontent and unable to be concerned about others. I smile and nod and say the right things but no one realises I’m not there. I’m entrapped in the solitude of my mind. When dawn approaches, I shut the windows to sleep, having stayed awake through the night for fear of the shadows and shapes evil makes on my wall.

Days pass into months and then He came along, springing back the curtains, inviting that bright sun. Laughter like a lost dream I begin to hear, uncertain at its beginning, gasping on knowing its sound had come from my lips so willingly. For though the long winter was still a part of my heart, He’d brought hopeful spring to sing songs to my soul.

-Freedom; Hope is a bird that sings as it flies only when you give it its wings.

Anthology Scribbles: Mental Health Awareness is something I'm deeply passionate about having gone through Depression, Anxiety and Grief in ways that made me realize how powerful the mind really is. It can be one's biggest prison or one's greatest ally.

Note of Appreciation: I love the Taco Crew hosted by Abbey Forrest 
@abbeyforrestauthor) because through her, I met Valerie @beingyoubeingtrue and Sky Rose @skyroseheywood who started this amazing anthology—Mind. Not only was my piece “Freedom in Hope’s Wings” accepted but I was also quite delighted to be part of the 13 Poet Group Collaboration with the Taco Crew called “Somedays”. 

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