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About the Book: A poetry anthology exploring and celebrating the seasons around the world. This book will whisk you off on a journey through continents, experience the Aurora Borealis of Northern Europe, the heat of Dubai and the monsoons in the East, as well as much more. Giving you a taste of different cultures and countries, written by poets living in and experiencing those cultures. Consisting of poetry by over 20 talented poets scattered across the globe and connected through social media. Brought to you by Poet Spotlight.


About the Piece: An Indian Sun Year in Sun Cycle: Celebrating the World's Seasons; Edited and Compiled by Instagram Poets, Independently published by Poet Spotlight (November 3, 2019)

An   Indian   Sun   Year

Summer with its heady heat and dipping pools,

holiday adventure treats beckon loved ones.

Monsoon with its soaked mud and unpredictable showers,

enhances the earth's scent as we sip hot chai with friends.

Autumn with its falling leaves and russet sun colors,

closes chapters and welcomes the start of all things new.

Winter with its chilly breeze and white loneliness,

cloaks itself away from bitter crowds under warm blankets.

Spring with its joyful sounds of enthusiasm and rich steaming life,

celebrates the shortest season of an Indian sun's true delight.

Anthology Scribbles: We have so many labels but when it comes to seasons, the world experiences every one-either in physical or metaphysical ways or a combination of both. And yet, it is all felt with unique intensities. I love how Nature binds us even when there are borders drawn, constitutions read and rules about travel. I do not sometimes know where I journey off to when I start writing about a subject or topic. It is almost like as if my heart, mind and body has so much to tell of its impressions of life. The beauty of this gift is that it can be a place of great joy no matter the situation in life. It is in writing that I have a peace that no one can take from me. And I am discovering I have a new kind of joy with art as well (Side note: Do check out my new art page @hiswild for subversive art & literature).

Note of Appreciation: The Taco Crew (that we have no idea how it came to be named and hosted by Abbey Forrest 
@abbeyforrestauthor) proved to be one of the most influential literary poetry groups I was a part of in 2019. I am delighted to say that connecting with each of them made me discover my own writing potential as well as rediscover my own lost voices. I would like to thank Valerie @beingyoubeingtrue and Sky Rose @skyroseheywood for personally inviting the Taco Crew (of which Sky Rose is a part of as well) and myself to participate in this anthology “Sun Cycle: Celebrating the World's Seasons”. Not only was my piece “An Indian Sun Year” accepted but I was also quite delighted to be a part of the Group Collaboration with the Taco Crew called the “Sun Cycle Across Continents”. 

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